Launchpad X

Launchpad gives you an easy way to start applications. It keeps a list of recently used applications. You can configure the number of applications in the list.

When Launchpad's screen is up, you can sort applications alphabetically or by most recenly used.

Long press brings up a context menu. You can pin application so that it stays in Launchpad even if it was not recently used. Pinned application have a bold title. Hiding application removes it from Launchpad's screen. You can also go directly to application’s description in the market to leave a comment, upgrade, or uninstall.

Preference screen lets you customize Launchpad.

If configured, running, currently in memory applications will be highlighted

For an easy access to Launchpad from any screen, pull down notification bar and click on "Launchpad". Or configure a hot key and bring up Launchpad by pressing phone's button.