Faves Plus

Faves is a contact list with valuable information added in. Who do you spend most of my minutes talking to? Who calls you most and who do you call most often? When did you talk last time with you friends and relatives? Faves answers these and many other questions with several easy to navigate screens. Dynamic sorting by any column helps to bring up a view you need just with one screen touch. So may be your mom calls you twice as often as you call her. Time to pick up the phone and give her a call.

Call count screen shows contact's name, talk time, number of incoming and outgoing calls.

Touch a column's header to sort data. From a menu you can switch between Current month period and Totals. Totals are numbers since the installation of the program.

Last call screen shows name, date/time of the last call with the person, and duration of this call.

Touch a row to bring up context menu.

Call log shows in/out indicator, a phone number, date/time and duration of a call. A number of calls in person's call log is configurable.

Trends graphically represents call time, number of incoming and outgoing calls across several months.

Touch a legend at the bottom of the screen to hide/show a specific chart.